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Shipping Charges Explained

  1. What will I be charged for shipping?

  2. You will be charged a fuel surcharge (FSC) of $2.00 for shipments from each warehouse. Please see below information about minimum requirements.

  3. Are there any minimum requirements?

  4. For orders to the Primary Warehouse:
    Free Freight on 15 units available to ship (PO’s automatically combine). Orders for less than 15 will be queued to combine with next PO.

    For orders to the Secondary Warehouse:
    Free Freight on an order(s) of 15 or more units will ship once 15 units are available in warehouse.
    Orders for less than 15 units will ship once available, with a $5.00 freight charge per invoice (which may contain items from multiple PO’s).

    Please note: Primary units do NOT combine with Secondary units toward 15 unit minimum for Free Freight (Each warehouse must ship 15 units to earn FF).

  5. How do you define an individual shipment?

  6. Items picked, packed, and shipped together count as an individual shipment.

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